2019 String Play in Application

Welcome to the 2019 string play in application!  Students who join the play in will be performing with the Lowell Philharmonic at our family concert on Sunday March 3, 2019 at 2:00 at the Chelmsford Senior Center. Students will be required to practice the music ahead of time and attend the first 20 minutes of our Tuesday evening rehearsals at 7:30pm on February 12th, 19th, and 26th.  Rehearsals are held at the Pawtucket Congregational Church, 15 Mammoth Rd, Lowell, MA.  

More information will be emailed when the application is received.   The students will be performing the first movement of the Palladio Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra (More commonly known as the “Diamond Commercial Music”).  It can be be downloaded for preview or practice HERE.  A recording of the music can be found on YouTube HERE. There are no auditions or age restrictions to participate, we only ask the students feel comfortable with the music that is being played.  Music will be emailed upon signing up.  Please direct all questions to LPOstringplayin@gmail.com.  For a downloadable copy of this information please click HERE. We reserve the right to close the application for specific instruments once we have reached the maximum number in order to maintain a balanced orchestra.

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(Violins only, we will consider all requests but will place the students according to what is best for the balance of the orchestra.
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