...........A big round of applause for all our sponsors!

Angel $2,000+

  • Horne Family Foundation
  • Richard K. and Nancy L. Donahue Charitable Foundation

Conductor's Circle $500-$1999

  • Leslie Zobel
  • Recurring Dream Foundation ~ Donation made in memory of Marc Ouellette
  • Kathleen Muldoon
  • Vince Mabus
  • Charles & Madeline Needles
  • Mary Mady

Benefactors ($150-$499)

  • Chelmsford Cultural Council
  • Mr & Mrs Peter Clemons
  • Timothy and Paula Bingham
  • Kimball Murray & Mirella Scotto d’Antuono
  • Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
  • Peter Gorlin, M.D. & Kathleen Gorlin
  • Patricia Milner
  • Alan and Linda Stern

Sponsors ($25-$149)

  • Leslie Zobel
  • Steve McCarron
  • Cathy Ward
  • PUMA North America
  • Frederick Taylor Gates III & Susan Julian Gates
  • Anne Broyles & Larry Peacock
  • Kathleen Muldoon
  • Pamela Howland & Stephen Green
  • Steven Sodt & Julia Mirras
  • Kevin & Annette Kuhs
  • Eric Abis
  • John Saxelby
  • Linda & Michael Milner
  • Lucinda Ellert
  • Jessica Coffey Thompson
  • Shawn Foti
  • Anthony Waller
  • Phil Andrews
  • Jack Kick
  • Dave Shrake
  • Charles Tidd
  • Jennifer Winiarksi
  • Evelyn C. LaVena
  • Stephen Greene
  • Ward Rosenberry
  • Teresa Myers
  • Kevin and Annette Kuhs
  • Danielle Smith
  • Anthony Prestigiovanni
  • Cathy Kaczowka
  • Michelle Kaczowka
  • Michelle Koolian
  • Rachel McCord
  • Mary Quigley
  • Yingying Sha

Other Friends of the LPO:

Kevins Harkins - Photographer

Mirella Murray - Graphic Design for Marketing Posters and CD covers. Visit 'Photos' page to view.

Contact: mirella.murray@comcast.net

Terry Myers - Bassoonist / instructor

Contact: Terryisme@Verizon.net

Terry Myers is a graduate of Indiana University where she studied bassoon with Leonard Sharrow and Mordechai Rechtman. She also holds a master's degree from California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. Ms Myers has served as Music Director of the Boston Recorder Society, as a faculty member of Gordon College and is currently an after school music teacher for the Lincoln Public Schools. She is active as a freelance musician in the Boston area; performing in various orchestral, theater, and chamber music groups. She has performed as a soloist with both the Gordon College Orchestra and Symphony by the Sea. Ms Myers performs with the Massachusetts Symphony, the Lexington Symphony, the Thayer Woodwind Quintet, and the Woods and Wire Performing Ensemble. She teaches both recorder and bassoon.

Grants & Funding:

The RDF is the sponsor of our March 2nd Family Concert!
This local Foundation focuses on providing opportunities for children and young adults to develop a love for music. The LPO is most delighted to share a new partnership with the Recurring Dream Foundation!
The Horne Family Foundation has generously provided funding to support our 2014 operations. Part of the Foundation's mission is to preserve and maintain the legacy of the Horne Family by supporting various community efforts in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley region and in southern New Hampshire
The Chelmsford Cultural Council granted the LPO $450 for hosting our Nov'13 "Shakespeare & Co." concert at Chelmsford Senior Center.
This program is supported in part by a grant from the Chelmsford Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency

Program Advertisers & Raffles Donors: